Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Where to begin but the beginning? I was thrust out of my subconscious by the brusquely intoned query of whether or not I wanted to go on a vacation, to which my mind could merely muster the thought, “a vacation from what?“ Nevertheless, my silence duly implied consent and I proceeded, adequately protected from the elements, to my initial destination:

A chair!

Pardon my feigned excitement, but, despite the vast vista through wide windows of a concrete expanse, I saw nothing at all to warrant a journey of such length. Hesitantly, and without a choice, I proceeded on my journey and was greatly delighted to make my first acquaintances of what I was assured was to become an epic journey:

I nodded off after returning to my quarters only to find myself awakened by both jarring shift in position and murmurs, amongst which I could distinctly detect the voice of the pleasant young woman who held the green simian as well as her friend.

Alas, we parted ways with nary a goodbye in the alarmingly increasingly expansive concrete in a town known as Altlanta. A gentle female voice informed us that “those passengers who do not have connecting flights” would be held in a higher regard were they to allow those without such high status to disembark according to such status. Apparently my handler holds such elite status as to allow him to do so whilst nauseatingly jostling me about in my already-cramped quarters.

After a distinctly brisk period of what I can only imagine can be compared to the sensations of a traveler in a rickshaw—-which I hope to soon experience—a distinct yet similarly gentle voice informed us of several safety precautions which my quarters rendered irrelevant and I nodded off to sleep as the sun set. My handler claimed to have taken this photograph precisely as I breached somnolence. He claimed we were chasing the Western sun, but I am relatively certain that the photo was taken prior to my first awakening. But toads tend to reawaken, so I shall take him at his word:

      And reawaken again I would.

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