Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Stakes Raised; The Finest Quote Levied.

After the spectacle of a phenomenal competition had subsided, an mixed air of joviality and exhaustion overtook those with the stamina to remain within the confines of the park. Alas, this meant that I was duly placed on parade as if some sort of five cent carnival sideshow wonder.

I tried my best to escape the clutches of my handler’s associates. I am truly sorry for admitting this but, for a brief moment I felt rather exposed. Even the police (as evidenced in my first entry from this wonderful location) and security officers seemed amused by my presence. No matter the humiliating context, heed went unpaid to my uncomfortable situation. If only I could speak at moments like this; such cases of abuse would not go unreported!

Ignorance to my predicament aside, the ice had been broken! I had met a fellow blogger! I am afraid my vocabulary does not contain the proper terminology to express the kinship I felt at this very moment. From her explanation, the blog consists of her travels from the perspective of her feet. This is a rather novel spin on a relatively straightforward concept and I wish her the best.

Unfortunately, my sole vice again got the better of me, and I failed to note her contact information. If anyone reading this is aware of the location of her blog, the proffering of its location would be greatly appreciated!

As I reflect, I sigh upon another bitter disappointment in my forays into what is currently called social networking but, at one time, was merely referred to as making acquaintances. That is not to say my ventures in this regard went entirely unrewarded; pleasantries were exchanged with numerous friendly females who were only happy to pose with yours truly. I seemed to gain notoriety as the evening progressed and, at a certain point, it could be argued that I was getting too friendly with the locals (or perhaps vice versa). I have nothing but the kindest words and sincerest apologies to these lovely ladies for, respectively, their warm hearts and my delay in posting this image. Unfortunately, I’ve been basking in the amazing New England weather as of late. Nearly three consecutive weeks of 70 degrees Fahrenheit with precipitation. It’s been, much like spending time with these three, toad heaven!

Hopefully, the diversion of the eyes of the blonde are the result of a true distraction and not an aversion to my appearance.

In the midst of the boisterous early evening, a female member of the most excellent park facilities staff levied what, in my earlier years, I might have taken to be a grave enough insult to merit violence. In my toddling manner of late, I kept it all in stride and, upon further reflection, presently view it as a compliment. Spoken to my friends in reference to my appearance, I repeat it here in what I believe to be its original form:

“That looks like some pussy I seen, and I ain’t never seein’ that shit again…“

As one must always assume, she was a liar; she had her price:

“..maybe for a million.“

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