Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fear of Intimacy

It’s not difficult for a toad like me to surrender to the flow. It’s sort of a prerequisite, given my inanimate state. Sometimes I just feel like the object of someone’s unfunny joke. Visiting a famous performing arts center only to get upstaged while saving a drowning two dimensional duck. This isn’t my idea of fun.

I’ve come to accept this as a way of life, I suppose. But it just seems more and more that I am posed in contrast to one irrelevant and inanimate object or another in ever more foreign lands.

Precisely… An immobile propeller and a do not enter sign could not be more apropos for my current state of mind. It’s come to the point where even drowning my sorrows has gotten old.

But I still give in. And look, we’ve stopped bothering to hide my location at this point! How’s that for dedication?

“To the lees,“ I slur.

I don’t even need to smell the spoetzl, let alone eat it. I’ve cloaked myself so far beneath the sheets that I’ve lost my ability to keep track of time. Stumbling back out into the street, my world is torn asunder.

Could it be.. the one?

Posted by Pooptoad on 04/07 at 11:49 PM
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