Whatever Happens Here Involves Animals

I continued to travel North, my handler warning me all the time that I could not fully experience the diversity of profound experiences that this hot zoo of a city had to offer. I did my best to avoid the Bacchanalia of the more densely occupied environs. Not surprisingly, I felt most comfortable surrounded by fauna other than homo sapiens. A zoo it would be.

This fellow just didn’t seem as friendly as the ones at the races. Nor as fast. I was rather bored at this point and, with the dry desert sky parching my sensitive skin, I made haste for more temperate climes.

Oh, how relaxing! And the colors! I fear that this nation is beginning to wear on me. There is no palette you can fail to create indoors and every turn reveals another profound vista outside! If only there weren’t so many ferocious creatures outdoors to keep me inside!

Dear lord, I need to get away from this place! Bears. INDOORS! What heinous creation is this? Who would dare to keep such creatures unconfined?! I need to ground myself yet again.

At last. Drinking and gambling.

Inhale. Exhale.

Tiny horses. I laughed a lot and thought, “There. I am baselined yet again.“

Although probably not in those words at the time.

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