Above I can be seen preparing for a day out in what I would soon discover to be a rather disorienting metropolis. Let it be known that I am pictured above in an alarmingly warm location, so the steam is assuredly warranted under these circumstances.. Considering that Captain Lee had generously accomodated both myself and my friends in his establishment, I had neither the right nor the desire to complain. The fun was about to begin. Begin it did.

Captain Lee had been generous to grant us temorary residency upon one of the highest floors of his accomodations and I was not going to let the opportunity pass me by. Our neighbors were an alarmingly anti-ethnocentric bunch of Asian Islanders who claimed all sorts of discord with their compatriots. Absurdly enough, we got along rather agreeably!

I pause here merely to accentuate the profound consistency of facial enthusiasm of my finger-pointing compatriot, shown much more demonstrably below:

Oh, bollocks! I proceeded to cavort with these rather anti-ethnocentric Asians, and the remainder of the night morphed into a haze detectably thicker than the merely smoggy downtown air.

Having, in hindsight, forgotten the previous few hours as well as the rest of the night, I presumedly hopped back into my case and steeled my reserve for the day to come.

Needless to say, fortunately or unfortunately, you will see these folks again.

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Nick, you seem to be assuming that those who are buying houses in the tertiary suburbs are commuting into the central city to work. That’s not necessarily true. Some people live out there because that is where the jobs are. A modern factory (e.g. an Intel fab) requires a lot of land, and land is expensive downtown.I admit that my own work experience may be atypical, but we live in a very diverse economy. I don’t think the effects of this shift in energy costs are going to be very predictable.

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