Hangover 1

Forgetting the first few hours of the morning and, luckily, sleeping through the rest, I was awakened to the presence of associates to which my handler had failed to find the sobriety to indroduce me.

First and foremost amongst these was Mr. Already. Our first meeting was documented in the previous entry, but we shared many a great moment together. Despite his size, he did not eat me, although I must admit that I tempted both him and others:

I proceeded to whore myself to the backs of further patrons of Cap’n Lee:

Having engorged ourselves upon our respective phalli, we headed off for the center of entertainment.

After paying entrance fee, I was merely sucked in futher. Kawaii!

Dare I follow the path?

It was roughly at this point that I began to lose focus entirely upon my increasingly overwhelming environs. There is only so much my tiny amphibian mind can take, after all.

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