A Night Out, and a New Friend

Upon rudely awakening me, yet again, from a pleasant dream, my handler informed me that we would be going out for an “evening upon the town,“ to properly paraphrase his somewhat slurred speech. I experienced my first sojourn in a taximetered caboose to the city’s center. I must, however, pause to note that this only occurred subsequent to the proffering or, to better term it, solicitation of multisyllabic herbs and cacti—something which apparently necessitated the prerequisite of my handler’s astrological sign NOT being that of the lion. I must apologize, as I failed to glean much from the muffled conversation from the confines of my increasingly comfortable portable accommodations. I truly do need to find a name for it; perhaps the Toadabode? Fear not, I speak such merely in jest.

Nevertheless, into the flotsam and jetsam of alcohol and humanity we ventured; settling upon a fine establishment, where my handler’s game of Scrabble served as a pleasant distraction from a backdrop of what I had been forewarned bay the caboose operator would be young female humans seeking yuppy (sic?) husbands much their senior.

Undeterred, or perhaps encouraged, by the shameless advances from across the bar, I proceeded to relax with the aid of what was soon to become one of my preferred spirits, shown below, as well as the intensity, conviviality and, upon my handler’s loss, demurred conviviality of the aforementioned wordgame.

The margin of victory was 12 and, for the first time on this journey, I had felt as if I had grown to know someone a little more completely. No—not the Macallan—that was merely a brief encounter! I speak of my handler’s opponent, who seemingly possessed a switch that directed his focus to and from the specific task at hand, all the while maintaining an honest and direct manner of conversation. In this dark, heated, increasingly hazy land, I rightly believe that I had made my first new friend.

Alas, the “last call” of the evening was cried and, with the game tucked neatly away in its own portable satchel, we prepared to return to the cozy confines of the hotel. A bold agreement was reached between my handler and his compatriot to make this journey, more adventurously, by foot. Little did we know what was in store.

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, I also thought that, depitse all the many other things he has filled his life with, there is a part of him that still finds solace in the cross. I don’t think he fully understands yet the salvation that is there, but like you, it gives me hope that the Holy Spirit hasn’t given up on him yet. My family prays for him every night (it all began with my 5 yr old daughter   faith of a little child, huh?)One thing you may find interesting is that he is fully aware of his need for grace. In the Making of Estranged video he says the recurring theme of the dolphin represents grace to him. And what saves him from drowning in the end? Grace. I think Axl represents, on a public stage, the struggle of thousands growing up beaten down by the Law and knowing that there must be something more. Rockstar or not, Axl has the same need for love & forgiveness as any of us.

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