Wait.. Weren’t we just here? This isn’t Canada?

Per my request, my handler left the car running following our departure from our parched environs until we reached a more agreeably location, even when he stopped to eat, murder hitchhikers, cavort with prostitutes of both genders, or whatever my imagination decided it was he was doing. The television programs in this nation are beginning to get to me. After a rather exhaustive journey and a wonderful evening spent within the confines of the Johnson Presidential Jacuzzi Suite. As always, peace did not persist and I was, yet again, jostled into a bit of sport:

At this point, I’m familiar with the American pastime of racing to the point where the thought of it induces unpleasant sensations and irregular bowel movements. Unlike the contents of my colon, my infatuation with it had seem to run its course. That is, until..

They let me in a car. They let me in a car!


Whatever adrenaline a toad can produce during the course of an eight minute period, let it be known that I produced it. My handler managed to finish in dead last out of six runners, with an average lap time of 35.58s. I, on the other hand, decimated the competition:

The second and third place finishers didn’t even bother getting on the podium. It was that bad. After the obligatory spraying of champagne, which went thoroughly unappreciated by the staff of the racing facility, it was back to the hotel for some wind down and a fine display from a visitor who happened to be in town to film one of those bizarre ‘trick shot’ billiards competitions for ESPN. He invited me onto the table to witness his skill.

I was nervous, but he was apparently proficient enough to manage what he dubbed the “Lipton Two-Pocket Sweaty Teabag.“


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The report commissioned by the United Nations could end the jockeying: to stick to the two-degree limit every country, rich and poor, must reduce annual CO2 emissions to 1.6 tons per person, whether it is responsible for a lot or a little of the climate change so far.This is dictated not by fairness, but by our technological frontier. mulberry outlet store People living near the lake are preparing for the worst — high lake levels combined with strong winds that could breach their dikes.
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David Chamberlain, 54, who lives nearby, said: ‘The park is a nature reserve and you expect there to be wildlife. I think it’s inhumane and sickening.‘The traps were very loud, imagine a gate clanging, that is how loud it was and I heard it twice from my house. mulberry uk sale Some details on specific enhancements and locations are sensitive because U.S. officials do not want to give information “to those who would do us harm,“ the official said.
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Its graphics are primitive, it is only available as a PC game — officially, at any rate, as there are a number of mobile clients — and it technically hasn’t even gotten a formal, final release yet, but it has still managed to generate a user base of more than two million people and earn more than $30 million since its May 2009 launch.
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The drives sport an average seek time of 12 ms, offer 8 MB of onboard buffer memory, and use a 3 Gbps SATA interface; select models will also offer a free-fall sensor so systems can try to put off read and write operations until the unit has come to a full and complete stop.
As it does everywhere else, soccer can captivate youngsters here too, and while sadly many of them on the island lost one or both parents during the massacres, they can find some pleasure in games, even though they only have dusty pitches to play on.
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Old fashioned patrols could evolve into data police centers.Lillie Coney, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, says that insurance could use the data as well, “You should not think of this as being an opportunity to sell data to auto-insurance companies for risk evaluation. That’s a real possibility.
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“She’s mentioned before she’s interested in creating a clothing line.“
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During her public downfall Amanda had fallen out with her parents but the family lawyer reveals she’s “very happy to re establish the loving relationship” with her family.
Five months after being forcibly hospitalised in a rehab facility Amanda Bynes has completed her treatment and is now recovering in her parents’ home.
“Amanda and her entire family would like to thank everyone who’s contacted them with good thoughts and wishes for Amanda’s recovery,“ says a statement from lawyer Tamar Arminak.
Amanda is now looking at various colleges with the intention of getting a degree in fashion design to follow her dream of creating a clothing line.
The troubled actress was moved to a Malibu rehabilitation centre reportedly for a schizophrenia and bi polar disorder following a driveway burning incident in July.
The first pictures of the troubled star emerged today after being released from rehab. Actress Amanda looked healthy in a white top and leggings as she walked her dogs with her parents.
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“She was very persuasive,“ he said. “It’s a story that is still painful for my country and after filming some of the more violence scenes, I couldn’t stop crying.“
Miyavi, the Japanese pop star starring as cruel sergeant Matsuhiro Watanabe, has spoken about the harrowing experience of working on the project.
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He was encouraged by Jolie to immerse himself into the mindset of a man accustomed and desensitised to violence. In one scene, Miyavi’s character brutally beats Zamperini, played by Jack O’Connell.
“It was awful torture for me to hate the other actors,“ the 33 year old told Vanity Fair. “I had to have hatred for them. When I had to beat them, I had to think about protecting my family.
“I was more emotional than he was,“ she said. “I went in to take care of him and he was taking care of me. It was an extremely moving experience, to watch someone watching their own life.“
“At the same time, I didn’t want to be just a bad guy. I wanted to put humanity in this role. [Matsuhiro] was both crazy and sadistic, but also weak and traumatised.“
Jolie became close with Zamperini shortly before his death aged 97 last July, and was sure to show him an early cut of Unbroken.
The US actress turned director is working on a movie about the late Louis Zamperini, the Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II, and it looks set to include plenty of graphic violence.
Miyavi, real name Takamasa Ishihara, added that Jolie wanted to “make a bridge between all countries that had conflict”.

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They are out of control and unpredictable.
There is ember attack ahead of the fire, to close all doors and windows, and turn off evaporative air conditioners, but keep water running through the system if possible.
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An emergency warning has been issued for people in Wellard and Baldivis in an area bounded by Bertram Road, Kwinana Freeway, Mundijong Road, and Baldivis and Wellard Roads to the West.
There are two fires in the area. One fire started on the eastern side of Baldivis Road and south of Millar Road, it is burning on the northern side of Millar Road towards Johnson Road.
Burning embers are likely to be blown around your home. Spot fires are starting up to 100 metres ahead of the fire. Flames are up to 10 metres high.
The bushfires are moving fast in a north easterly direction.
Lives and homes are in danger from an out of control bushfire burning in Perth’s south.
A second fire is burning between between Kerosene Lane and Millar Road, on the western side of Baldivis Road, it is burning towards Millar Road.

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